University of nottingham phd thesis submission

Increase exposure of your research Build your research career E-theses at Surrey All doctoral degrees and MPhils are examined by thesis and an oral examination commonly known as the viva voce examination. Once you have done your viva and your corrections have been signed off, the University of Surrey requires you: The guidance includes best practice guidelines on how to enter the details of your thesis for better discoverability. You will need to accept the terms of the Author Deposit Agreement when depositing your thesis.

University of nottingham phd thesis submission

Reflections on submitting a PhD Author: Steven Lucas Having just submitted my PhD research, this blog has offered an opportunity to reflect on that process and share something of my research experiences. When I put down the PhD, War and Peace came to hand and placed my delusions of epic length in to perspective.

On the other hand, when one thing ends another must begin. I am a social worker, so this was familiar territory. The fieldwork took place in a local authority, not a million miles from where I previously had been employed.

Here I interviewed parents, children and young people, who were working with a variety of practitioners, and whose needs and circumstances reflected their diverse life experiences.

The motivation for this research was a personal quest to answer questions from my previous life as a practitioner, but also because a review of literature confirmed that service users are rarely asked what they think about how services engage them.

Of course, they do get to tick boxes every so often, like everyone else. Top Schools with DBA Programs*

At this moment in time it seems we could all spend most of the day giving feedback on everything we buy, on everywhere we go and on every organisation that we find ourselves involved with. But, someone else always decides on what the questions should be, and what kind of answer is acceptable.

Equally I have to acknowledge that interviewing, and analysing the responses, is in no sense a pure instrument of objective inquiry.

However, being asked questions using your own language and answering in your own time, at length, is the most readily accessible and sophisticated way we have of communicating and exploring experiences and concerns with another person.

It might not be the only way, but at least this allows interviewees to self-consciously reflect on their experiences and that allows an ethical power as well. I do need to qualify that with an acknowledgement that verbal communication is not so readily available for everyone and thinking about the challenges of communication for particular respondents is clearly important.

Your employer will then be able to understand and process this information, offering a practical professional assessment to service users which forms the basis for a working relationship. Some call it professional distance.

When I began my fieldwork, I was not sure just how different it would feel being a qualitative researcher and not being a social worker.

University of nottingham phd thesis submission

It was certainly liberating listening to the stories and not having to give an official response or advice. Steven LucasMarch 67 thoughts on “ Publications in your PhD ” Steve Moss I aim at three publications by submission time – but I will submit a “classic” PhD.


Reply. jose says: February 20, at am hi, where do i find info about that route in the UK. director of research training at The Australian National University.

The Thesis Whisperer. PhD business schools provide students with the opportunity to earn a doctorate degree in general business and management.

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The two primary business doctorate degrees are the Doctor of Business Administration and the PhD, both of which may offer concentrations. Jul 30,  · Claire is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Criminology at Nottingham Trent University and is in the final stages of her PhD on police leadership.

Some Reflections on the Journey to Submission So the thesis is submitted, and here is a different sort of writing. 4) A timetable for the completion and submission of your thesis.

5) Any documentary evidence in support of the request, e.g. medical certificates. 6) Statement of support from your main supervisor.

The PhD is an independent, supervised research project. This leads to the production of a , word thesis. You will develop your own ideas and explore the field of knowledge to which your thesis . Theses & dissertations We provide access to University of York PhD/MPhil theses and Masters dissertations for members of the University and visitors to the Library.

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