The inspiring story of jacqueline saburido

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The inspiring story of jacqueline saburido

December 20, is a victim and survivor of a drunk driving accident. She has publicized her own disfigurement to show the potential consequences of drunk driving. Living with her father after her parents divorced, she began studying engineering in the hope of taking over the family air conditioning business.

InSaburido was struggling in college and decided to take a break. She took a trip to Texas to study English. Reginald Stephey, a year-old high school student, was on his way home after drinking beer with his friends. Guerrero and Bennett were killed instantly. Gil and Daal were injured but not seriously.

The inspiring story of jacqueline saburido

The car caught fire. The flames were leaping several feet up into the air as they arrived. McIntosh put out the fire with his extinguisher and the two men set about removing everyone from the vehicle.

Saburido was trapped, and the fire returned. McIntosh and Fitzpatrick were forced back, and Saburido was left to burn for around 45 seconds as the flames engulfed the vehicle. A fire truck arrived and put out the fire, Saburido was cut from the car and airlifted to the burns unit in Galveston. She survived, reportedly despite the expectations of her doctors.

All of her fingers were burned off, but there was enough bone left on her thumb to construct an opposable thumb.

She lost her hair, ears, nose, lips, left eyelid and much of her vision. She has undergone more than operations since the crash, including cornea transplants, which have restored her vision.

Aftermath In JuneReginald Stephey was convicted on two counts of intoxicated manslaughter. An appeal was refused. Saburido decided to use her tragedy to help others. She allowed graphic post-accident photographs of herself to be used in the media posters, TV commercials, and internet chain mail to illustrate a possible outcome of a drunk driving accident.

She was also interviewed on the Australian 60 Minutes on March 14, and was featured in a Discovery Health documentary on face transplants. She continues to educate people on drunk driving. Oprah said that Saburido was the one person she had met who defined inner beauty.

Saburido is currently living in Kentucky, to enable better transportation to her doctors. Her mother Rosalia has just been diagnosed with cancer. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http:The story of Jacqueline Saburido Who was Disfigured in an Accident Causedby a Drunk Driver-Truth!

Fortunately paramedics John McIntosh and Bryan Fitzpatrick happened jacqueline saburido drunk be driving past and were flagged down by Stephey. Jacquis story 1. What you are about to see is true.

Every year in Texas more than 1, people are killed in alcohol-related traffic crashes. Jacqueline Saburido Story esoterictrini. Alcohol bhavyalathaa. Awareness of Alcohol technowizz Effects of alcohol technowizz Alcohol technowizz Glee biography technowizz Sep 13,  · Jacqueline Saburido was hit by a drunk driver in Austin, Texas.

She was pinned inside the vehicle as it caught on fire, leaving her with severe burns over 60 percent of her body. Her life was changed forever. Please.. Do Not Drink and Drive.

If your friends try to drive after drinking, have the courage to stop them.

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Apr 23,  · That's the story of a venezuelan girl hurt by car crash in which two of her friend died. She burnt almost the 60% of her body and got very disfigured. The accident was caused by a drunk driver that crashed against the Jacqueline's friends Resolved.

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