The bridge on the river kwai

The curved-shaped truss spans are the originals on the bridge constructed by the Japanese military during WWII while the two trapezoidal-shaped bridge spans were provided by Japan as war reparations after the war ended in to replace two curved-shaped truss spans that fell into the river after the bridge was attacked and bombed by Allied aircraft.

The bridge on the river kwai

His first epic was his twelfth film: Put on your marching boots and whistle a jaunty tune as we investigate some behind-the-scenes facts about this enduring war film. Inthe Academy officially recognized Foreman and Wilson as the screenwriters and posthumously awarded the Oscar to them.

By the way, the real Kwai River was just a trickle near Burma, where Boulle set his bridge; the actual bridge had been built miles away, near Bangkok. A sketch of that bridge was used as the basis for the fictional one.

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According to one biographerhe was "broke and needed work; he had even pawned his gold cigarette case. Spiegel, the producer, bought the film rights to the book the English version of which was called The Bridge Over the River Kwai and hired Carl Foreman to write the script.

So Spiegel hired another writer, Calder Willingham, to give it a crack. Lean liked that draft even less. Spiegel finally sent Michael Wilson to Ceylon now Sri Lankawhere Lean was in pre-production, and the two worked together to hammer out the final version.

The finished screenplay had significant contributions from both Wilson and Foreman, though each went to his grave insisting he was the more important contributor.

The bridge on the river kwai

Spiegel sent the screenplay to the Japanese government ahead of time, hoping to get their cooperation with the production. Persuaded that the film would be about the horror and folly of war, the Japanese government sent a military adviser to help with the camp scenes.

Spiegel got a British military adviser to help with that side of things, too.

Bridge on the River Kwai; the true story

Harry Cohn, the vulgar but successful man who ran Columbia Pictures at the time, was furious when he read the script and saw no love interest. But Laughton, a fine actor with such credits as The Hunchback of Notre Dame on his resume, was in poor physical shape—great for playing the corpulent Henry VIII in Young Bessnot so great for playing a British military officer in a prison camp.

Laughton would die of cancer five years later, at the age of Guinness, however, had his own reservations. Lean wanted Holden, a big star and recent Oscar winner for Stalag 17to play American prisoner Major Shears, over the objections of producer Spiegel, who wanted Cary Grant.

Once Spiegel relented, he realized Holden was a box office draw and offered him a great deal: Sessue Hayakawa was a Japanese-born actor who came to Hollywood in the very early days of cinema—his first short, The Typhoon, was made in —and quickly became a matinee idol, playing exotic villains and such.

His career was hurt by the advent of sound, and then by increasing anti-Japanese sentiment in America.

The Burma-Siam Death Railway...

He had basically retired when Lean approached him to play Colonel Saito in Kwai, a performance that earned Hayakawa an Oscar nomination. As Ashton explainedit was so cheap because "we used local labor and elephants; and the timber was cut nearby.

The bridge on the river kwai

During World War II, British soldiers added lyrics to the tune that went approximately along these lines: Hitler Has only got one ball!

Goering Has two but they are small.Jun 26,  · The Bridge On The River Kwai () (Trailer) The Bridge On The River Kwai () (Trailer) Skip navigation A Bridge Too Far Official Trailer #1 - Sean Connery, Michael Caine Movie.

Oct 11,  · Watch video · He convinces himself that the bridge is a monument to British character, but actually is a monument to himself, and his insistence on its construction becomes a subtle form of collaboration with the enemy/10(K). Epic of WWII honor and sacrifice gone haywire.

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By the way, the real Kwai River was just a trickle near Burma, where Boulle set his bridge; the actual bridge had been built miles away, near Bangkok. A sketch of that bridge was used as the. The Bridge on the River Kwai opens in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in Burma in , where a battle of wills rages between camp commander Colonel Saito (Sessue Hayakawa) and newly arrived 94%.

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