Slice of life

The term originated between and as a calque from the French phrase tranche de vie, credited to the French playwright Jean Jullien — Turney in his essay "Notes on Naturalism in the Theatre": It is a prime example of rosserie, that is, plays dealing with corrupt, morally bankrupt characters who seem to be respectable, "smiling, smiling, damned villains Literature[ edit ] In literary parlance, the term "slice of life" refers to a storytelling technique that presents a seemingly arbitrary sample of a character's life, which often lacks a coherent plotconflictor ending.

Slice of life

Princess Spike Slice of Life is the ninth episode of the fifth season of Slice of life Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the show's one-hundredth episode overall, celebrated as a milestone episode. The phrase " slice of life " refers to works of fiction that depict mundane everyday events.

While the Mane Six are busy battling a monsterthe citizens of Ponyville try to get to a wedding on time. Contents [ show ] Production and development The show's crew first publicly discussed the episode on a My Little Pony panel at the San Diego Comic-Conwhere they mentioned the episode's focus on background ponies.


The inside of Dr. Hooves 's house was designed by Phil Caesar and Krista Huot. During the episode, there is a two-frame shot of people wearing rubber horse masks.

The people in this photo are storyboard supervisor Timothy Packford black horse maskdirector Jim Miller brown horsestoryboard artist Katrina Hadley pink horseFriendship Is Magic supervising director Jayson Thiessen white unicornand Rainbow Rocks co-director Ishi Rudell zebra. Larsontwo working titles for the episode were "A Tour of Ponyville" and "A Tour of Equestria", and the episode originally featured Twilight Sparkle in a more prominent role prior to his involvement.

Larson had been assigned to write The Lost Treasure of Griffonstonebut due to scheduling conflicts they swapped episodes with each other. Cranky returns from shopping and mentions that everyone in Ponyville was getting dressed and asking him about the wedding, even though the ceremony isn't for another day.

However, when Matilda looks at the invitations again, she discovers a misprint that says the wedding is a day early.

With everyone in town and the princesses expecting a wedding, Matilda runs off to find her wedding planner and move all preparations to that afternoon. Cranky goes to complain about the misprint to the pony who made the invitations, Derpywho offers Cranky a muffin in consolation.

Derpy and the Doctor The Doctor and his assistant. At the Ponyville cafe, Derpy has lunch with Dr. Hoovesas Twilight Sparkle dashes past. She addresses him as "Doc" and expresses how she wishes she could go back in time and fix the mess she made.

Hooves takes Derpy to his house and goes on a prolonged tangent about the wonders of mathematics and science. When Derpy reminds him about the wedding, Dr.

Slice of life

Hooves remembers that he still needs his suit tailored. He goes to Carousel Boutique in search of Raritybut she isn't there. He brings his dilemma to DJ Pon-3 's attention, and she takes him to the well-dressed Jeff Letrotski at the Ponyville bowling alley.

Letrotski agrees to tailor Dr. Hooves's suit if he plays as the fourth member of his bowling team. Unsure of the physics involved in the game at first, Dr.

Meanwhile, Twilight assembles her friends outside as various Ponyville ponies watch them. Apple Bloom thinks that a monster is about to attack the town, which Octavia Melody bemoans will interfere with her music practice.

As Matilda comes by looking for Pinkie Piea monster, a ferocious bugbearsuddenly appears, and the Mane Six run out to fight it. With Pinkie Pie preoccupied with the bugbear, Matilda asks Amethyst Star for assistance with the wedding plans.

When Derpy appears to apologize for the invitation mix-up, Matilda cries out that she needs flowers. A mare with a deep, dark secret. At town hall, Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops decorate for the ceremony while relishing in the friendship they share.

When Lyra mentions the bugbear outside and calls Sweetie Drops "Bon Bon", the latter reveals her true identity as "Special Agent Sweetie Drops" with Bon Bon as her alias, and that she had been tasked with capturing the bugbear until it escaped from Tartarus.

Lyra is shocked by this revelation and upset that their friendship was based on a lie, but Sweetie Drops assures her that their friendship is real before leaving to find a crowd to blend into.Slice is the easiest way to order your favorite local pizza.

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Slice of life

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