Screenwriting agents directory

This is also a guide on what a screenwriting agent and literary manager actually do, and how they can help your career in different ways.

Screenwriting agents directory

Sign up for our free monthly ezine featuring articles and screenwriting tips. But please understand that securing representation for your writing is not as simple as calling up, sending an email or even mailing your script.

Agents and Managers mostly do not accept unsolicited queries and will usually either trash a script sent to them that has not been requested or just send it back. For advice on the most professional way to approach an agent or manager for representation for your screenwriting please read How To Get Literary Representation.

HSX also offers a suite of tools and script development services to help you get your script in the best shape it can be, as well as copyright protection and script printing, binding and shipping.

If you'd like an example of a professional query letter to pitch your screenplay or television spec to Hollywood, download our Sample Query Letter. Entertainment industry addresses frequently change as companies often merge or move offices. Meanwhile, hot shot agents and managers switch companies at the drop of a hat, so it's best to contact the company first to make sure they have not moved.

Try to speak to a receptionist to confirm.Screenwriting Agents Unless you know a bankable director or star, the best person to put your script in the hands of someone who can buy it is an agent.

A literary agent is someone who represents you, and takes 10% of whatever you make from your screenplay, and is therefore highly motivated to get you as much money as possible.

screenwriting agents directory

Agency List This list of literary agencies is not comprehensive, but presents a good starting point collecting a wide range of reputable agencies.

If you are interested in an agency not on this list, you may want to check the WGA Signatory List to make sure they are licensed by the State of California.

screenwriting agents directory

Signatory Agents As a service to all writers (WGAW members and non-members), the Writers Guild of America, West now provides this online version of its Agency List. These agencies represent film, television and interactive writers.

Download WGAE Agency List. The Guild does not help writers in their quest to find an agent, or provide individual recommendations. But we do supply a list of agents who have signed an Artist’s Manager Agreement with the Guild. Gail Ross is a lawyer, publishing consultant, and literary agent. Non-fiction on topics ranging from current events, politics, history and biography, religion, spirituality, health and science, and memoir.

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Screenplay agents work closely with all major studios. They are also in close contact with the main power players in Hollywood (this includes directors, producers and development execs). In short, agents know who to send your screenplay to, and, most importantly, .

Screenwriting Agents And The Top 23 Agencies For Screenwriters