Red bull the drink for generation

It is popular among the generation in bars and nightclubs around the world.

Red bull the drink for generation

Prostitutes and Viagra vendors everywhere, Lloyd is the only guy under the age of 50 there… As I stepped out of my hotel room door I was immediately surrounded by four hungry-eyed prostitutes. One of them, a very dark skinned Filipina girl whose father had probably been a black American soldier and whose mother was almost certainly a prostitute, grabbed my crotch with one hand and my buttocks with the other.

The other girls moved in on me, too, but not as aggressively, grabbing my bare, sweaty arms and asking my name and where I was from. Hash smoke and paranoia crept in on me and I began to panic that these girls had some kind of sinister agenda.

Red bull the drink for generation

I felt my side pocket to make sure I still had my wallet and keys and pushed past them to the front desk of the sadly misnamed Hotel Paradise. I stepped onto a porch filled with drunken old white men complaining about the heat and whores. The sun was unbearably hot and there was no one walking around.

Across the street, two middle-aged Filipinos were leaning back on their moto-rickshaws, watching me. I drew a lot of attention from everyone, being probably the only white man under the age of 35 in the whole city.

The black girl had followed me onto the porch and grabbed my arm this time. She cocked her head to the side and tried to look surprised as she told me: I shook her off again and stepped into the street.

A toothless, battered old woman approached me and showed her hideous smile. I propelled myself down the dirty, potholed street with a foggy mind. My feet itched from the glassy, filthy, rancid dust that seemed to dig into me under the sandals.

The tropical midday sun beat down on my head and cooked my scabby scalp beneath the long mangled hair. I tried to remember why I had left the hotel. I strolled slowly down the dilapidated street. There was nothing exotic about this chaos anymore.

I was merely a part of it. It was Disneyland for strange old white men dosed up on Viagra. One hundred and fifty go-go bars lined the blocks just outside of the Clark Airbase, a former US airbase.

As I passed the first bar, I was immediately waved down by a young woman in a skin tight leather dress. She smiled at me, and it was an honest smile. Come into the bar!

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We have lots of beautiful girls! She grabbed me by the arm. She was surprisingly strong for such a small girl. The prospect of air-conditioning in the bar hastened my surrender. They eyed me cautiously as I walked past, probably surprised to see someone from my generation in such a place.

The girl guided me into the bar, still pulling my arm, as if I was going to run away at the last minute. Eventually, after passing through a maze of doors and hallways, we came to the dark, heavily air-conditioned bar.

At least fifteen Filipinas dressed in skimpy bikinis were hanging out on the stools around the bar. There were no other men. I was directed to a chair in front of a small stage, and 6 or 7 girls ran up onto it to dance.

Red bull the drink for generation

The girl that brought me in disappeared, and a much older, fully clothed woman materialized at my side. The service in the bars was excellent, and the beer arrived a minute later with a napkin wrapped around the top in true Filipino style. Along with it she placed an iced glass.

I thanked her aristocratically.

Which do you like? Not only was I respected despite my filth and hippie-ishness, but I could have any girl I wanted whenever I wanted- for a small fee. I scratched my itchy scalp for a moment, but declined the offer.

Immediately, I was surrounded by girls, climbing on my lap, kissing my neck, and massaging my crotch. I grabbed my beer and found myself deeply engaged in a conversation with one of them who complimented me on my physique and good looks.Most of us have an intimate relationship with caffeine.

We crave it, love it, and take it every day in coffee, tea and sodas. It feels quite familiar. While there are many contenders, Red Bull may be the ultimate Millennial brand. As Millennials became increasingly sleep deprived, energy drinks thrived.

Thirty-four percent of all year olds say they ‘regularly drink energy drinks’ (Mintel). U.S.

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