Police corruption and the perception of

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Police corruption and the perception of

The authority ranks in Nigeria police force NPFfrom top to bottom is the Inspector General of police down to the constable. This simply means that orders, directives and instructions to carry out the duties with which the Police is carried, flows from the Inspector-General of Police, through the chain of Command, to any Officer positioned to implement such order.

Every other rank below the IG, takes order of Command from him, in the performance of their lawful duties.

The Authority Structure of The Nigerian Police Force

He shall act for the Inspector-General of Police in the event of the absence of the Inspector-General of Police and Deputy Inspector-General of Police The Commissioner of Police In-charge of contingents in a state Section 5 of the Police Act, in accordance with the provisions of section 2of the Nigeria Constitution, provides for the Office and rank of a Commissioner of Police who shall be in Control of contingents of the Police Force stationed in a State.

He is subject however, to the command of the Inspector-General of Police or who-so-ever acts for him, in his absence. Every other rank in the Force is legally provided for by section 5 of the Police Act.

The Command structure of the Nigeria Police can be presented in order of hierarchy as in the chain here under.

Superintendent of Police The Inspector of Police.ranted stops, and corruption—are shaped by race and other factors, including personal and vicarious experiences with police officers, exposure to mass media coverage of police behavior, and neighborhood conditions.

Corruption is often in the eye of the beholder, largely tied to individual beliefs about right and wrong.

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Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, is perceived to be the most corrupt in the world. ACPO top police Chief Peter Fahy confirmed on BBC Panorama that serious corruption often results in officers retiring early or resigning from their jobs!

The following visualization digs deeper into corruption perceptions, specifically in the context of politics. The data is from the same source above, and the map shows the percentage of survey respondents in each country who think that political parties are "corrupt or extremely corrupt".

Police corruption and the perception of

1) Executive summary This is the first edition of the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI), commissioned by the Sharjah Police Department and the International.

Corruption Prevention. The obvious sought-after result of all of the research into police corruption is the eradication of that malady. Each topic discussed so far plays an integral role in determining the ethical standard.

Police corruption and the perception of

As such, it becomes crucially important to focus efforts toward these specific elements.

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