Feminist views on getting married young in sidonie gabrielle colettes the hand

Salt on Your Tongue: Women and the Sea by Charlotte Runcie — review This motherhood memoir-cum-nature journal about the connection between women and the sea is bracing and poeticThe journalist and ex-poet Charlotte Runcie is the very definition of a thalassophile. Raised in landlocked Hertfordshire, her first real encounter with the sea comes on a childhood holiday to the Isle of Skye.

Feminist views on getting married young in sidonie gabrielle colettes the hand

Each year a girl stays in school boosts her future income by 10 to 20 percent. So what happens to girls early in their life makes a huge difference. I sat and listened as girl after girl described to me how they had become the wives of much older men.

One woman told me she fled after being told she was going to be married at the age of four! She ran away crying in terror and heartbreak, only to return to her village after realizing she had no options whatsoever.

And none of these girls had wanted this fate. They all had hoped to go to school and grow up with their friends and families. Little was being done on an international level to recognize -- much less halt -- this practice, which violates the human rights of girls in many ways.

So when The Eldersa group of eminent global leaders, established a global campaign to end child marriage in a generation, NoVo offered early support for the initiative, along with the Nike Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

The campaign, Girls Not Brideswill recruit non-governmental organizations, as well as governments, the private sector, and individuals around the world to work for a day when no girl is married before the age of 18 and to raise the profile of the issue.

The campaign will be global in scope and assertive in nature to meet this enormous problem head-on. Despite the limited publicity about it, child marriage is not an isolated or uncommon practice. It is in fact so widespread as to be commonplace in many parts of the world. In Niger, the country in which child marriage is most common, fully three-quarters of girls under 18 are wives.

Child marriage amounts to a socially sanctioned method of abduction and rape. Forcing any person -- not to mention an underage girl -- into marriage violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the nearly universally ratified UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Girls in marriages instead of in school are not able to learn skills that could help them pull their families from poverty or provide them some measure of independence.

Their health is put in danger: With virtually no power to reject unwanted sex, child brides are more likely to contract HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases than unmarried, sexually active girls the same age.

Sexual violence and domestic servitude are part and parcel of life for child brides. We all are accountable for what is happening to these girls, who are sometimes as young as four years old when they are wed. Unless we take action, we are consciously forfeiting our responsibility for many of the most vulnerable people on Earth.

We must end this practice now. We can go about this work by empowering local activists who are already making change, promoting transformation on the community level.

There are passionate and dedicated people around the world who have been struggling against this practice for years. Our role will be to support and enable their efforts, and to raise consciousness on what they are doing and why.

Some object to our intentions by saying that child marriage is an issue of tradition, culture, or religion, and therefore must continue as it always has. And while traditions are vital to nations in many ways, they are not set in stone.

Traditions can change because they are made by people. We can give these girls -- and their societies -- a better future. We can end child marriage in a generation. This piece originally appeared at The Huffington Post. Related links at Feminist.

Our Time to Lead:We need to pay more attention and stop living in a bubble of our own beliefs – reading papers that reflect our views, getting news from like-minded people on Twitter.

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Let's End Child Marriage in a Generation by Jennifer Buffett, On a learning trip to Ethiopia, where 49 percent of girls are married before they are 18, I came face to face with one of the biggest challenges that holds back the world's female population and keeps countries mired in poverty: child marriage.

Related links at monstermanfilm.com And one of the many striking things about Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, who was born in rural Burgundy in and died in Paris in , is the sheer number of ways in which she herself existed “too soon”.

Most feminists reject this analysis, as they believe that superiority arises from social conditioning (such as Radical Feminist views on the family).

it sponsored the "Married Women's Property Act" which allows women to retain their own property after marriage, giving them more freedom over who to marry, and giving them the .

Feminist views on getting married young in sidonie gabrielle colettes the hand
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