Essay on piers plowman and the

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Essay on piers plowman and the

The strategies that the author, William Langland, uses to teach us these morals and values vary considerably.

In the first chapter, or Passus I, Langland describes an allegorical figure to tell us about the concept of truth. In the poem, The Last election, the author, John Haines, also uses strategies to describe to us the concept of truth. Now, the strategies that each author has chosen to use may have affected the meaning in which they aretrying to describe.

Passus I uses many different types of formal strategies to describe to us the concept of truth. The alliteration of this quote adds to the imagery of the phrase. It also emphasizes the emotion being expressed.

Another technique used by Langland is the allegory. The concept of truth is described through an allegory. In lines in Passus I, he quotes: I call on Deus caritas to declare the truth. However, here in Passus I, Langland demonstrates the reality of the truth allegory.

These visions themselves present an actuality that Piers Plowman must journey through in order to find out the true ideals.

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That ideal is truth, which is glorified above all else. This is something that Langland stresses throughout all of Passus I. Langland continues to mention that there are many oppositions to truth, such as Lucifer, and falsehood.

Essay on piers plowman and the

But Langland keeps stressing this major factor: Let unlearned men be taught this, for learned men know it, that truth is the trustiest treasure on earth.

Do the two meanings correlate in someway or another? He suggests things we should do in order to keep truth intact in our lives. He opens a book, speaks quietly to his children, begins to live once more.

The Last Election, stanza five, lines The politicians he talks about are false reflections of what we want to hear. He keeps repeating this because he wants to show the readers that there is something wrong. Haines is emphasizing his campaign to rid the world of politics of their lies, and slander by his use of repetition.

The whole poem is about aiming the concept of truth, not only on the politicians, but on society as a whole.

In stanza five, he tells us to ignore the propaganda. But, in stanzas one through four, he states that the politicians must also conform to a world of truth. Haines is being direct with his audience. His language is frank, and straight to the point.

Essentially, they are the same, but expressed in different contexts. Unlike Langland, Haines is asking the reader to simply ignore the falsehood and find out the truth yourself.

There is nothing to conform to because the truth is not to be found from the outside. Choose Type of service.8 USEFUL INFORMATION TO STUDY LITERATURE Taking Notes 1. In preparation for writing an essay or any other piece of work, your notes might come from a .

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Essay on piers plowman and the

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