Department problems

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Department problems

English departments are putting out website copy that ranges from forgettable to laughable. Who is our audience? What does this page need to say and do?

Department problems

What kind of writing is called for in the moment? That is, how do we engage a skeptical public, members of which walk our halls, perhaps as they consider majoring in English? Nearly as problematic as these unanswered questions is the lack of attention to design.

All too often, English department websites feature long chunks of text -- long paragraphs probably copied and pasted from a Word document. Those undigested lumps of exposition bludgeon the online reader, who pays for our lack of attention to the visual. How we design our websites will shape whether someone reads on and discovers more about us.

Poor design limits the chance of discovery, especially if someone is looking at our sites on a phone, which almost is a given at this point. Recently updated research into online reading habits reinforces the importance of design.

What are the visual elements of your website saying to your audience? Is your design complementing or hindering your message? So, too, do many English departments, forgetting that our websites are experienced, not just plundered for written content. Our limply phrased, jargon-riddled, unintentionally elitist websites usually do just enough rhetorical lifting to reach the converted.

We -- most likely without realizing it -- primarily write to readers who are hip to enough insider lingo that they can parse the clues about what a particular department is all about.

How, for example, does our language speak to first-generation students? One pitfall of departmental websites is that they can all sound alike after a while. But with similar missions and values, how can departments avoid this pitfall?

How can departments find the heart of what it is they do best and communicate that to prospective students? The concern here goes beyond recruitment and survival.

It is about the kinds of audiences we imagine when we picture our future majors.

Department problems

For example, are the needs of first-generation students considered when we craft our content? I asked Stanley if, in her review of the websites, she saw English departments communicating well with first-generation college students.

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