Celebrity endorsement gone bad a

We've been slow on the updates here on ShowBiz. Well, in our 15 years we've never known Dublin to be a town so devoid of an exclusive social scene and the celebrity conveyor belt seems to have slowed to a stop. Sure, we haven't had a new one in nigh on three years. Friday night saw some familiar faces looking to sample curries of red, green, and yellow

Celebrity endorsement gone bad a

Celebrity endorsement gone bad a

Each morning, the year-old actress and self-help author rubs a potent estrogen cream into the skin on her arm. She smears progesterone on her other arm two weeks a month. And once a day, she uses a syringe to inject estrogen directly into her vagina.

The idea is to use these unregulated "bio-identical" hormones to restore her levels back to what they were when she was in her 30s, thus fooling her body into thinking she's a younger woman. According to Somers, the hormones, which are synthesized from plants instead of the usual mare's urine disgusting but trueare all natural and, unlike conventional hormones, virtually risk-free not even close to true, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Next come the pills. She swallows 60 vitamins and other preparations every day. In addition, she wears "nanotechnology patches" to help her sleep, lose weight and promote "overall detoxification. If she's exposed to cigarette smoke, she has her blood chemically cleaned with chelation therapy.

In the time that's left over, she eats right and exercises, and relieves stress by standing on her head. Somers makes astounding claims about the ability of hormones to treat almost anything that ails the female body.

She believes they block disease and will double her life span. Several times during the show she gave physicians an opportunity to dispute what Somers was saying. But it wasn't quite a fair fight. The doctors who raised these concerns were seated down in the audience and had to wait to be called on.

Somers sat onstage next to Oprah, who defended her from attack.

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She'll take on anyone, including any doctor who questions her. Outside Oprah's world, there isn't a raging debate about replacing hormones. Somers "is simply repackaging the old, discredited idea that menopause is some kind of hormone-deficiency disease, and that restoring them will bring back youth," says Dr.

They just don't need as much once they get past their childbearing years.

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Unless a woman has significant discomfort from hot flashes—and most women don't—there is little reason to prescribe them. Most women never use them. Hormone therapy can increase a woman's risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and cancer.

And despite Somers's claim that her specially made, non-FDA-approved bioidenticals are "natural" and safer, they are actually synthetic, just like conventional hormones and FDA-approved bioidenticals from pharmacies—and there are no conclusive clinical studies showing they are less risky.

That's why endocrinologists advise that women take the smallest dose that alleviates symptoms, and use them only as long as they're needed. She believes doctors, scientists and the media are all in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry. I've written 18 books on health.

I know my stuff. She told her audience that she found Somers's bestselling books on bioidentical hormones "fascinating" and said "every woman should read" what she has to say.In January, Oprah Winfrey invited Suzanne Somers on her show to share her unusual secrets to staying young.

Each morning, the year-old actress and self-help author rubs a potent estrogen cream. The celebrity feuds which have become a trend in continue with Wizkid vs. Linda Ikeji. The star blogger published a story yesterday about Wizkid's - monstermanfilm.com November 9, This is a case where the celebrity struck back and won.

Hatcher made an endorsement deal in with skin-care line Hydroderm, but in they sued her for $ million, claiming she violated the part of the contract where she agreed not to endorse any other competing companies. We present the best of the Bad PR examples from the 'net. We hesitated to put this page together but there's too much to learn from other public relations mistakes, PR Fails, bad blog pitches, media missteps, bad judgment, poor PR pitching and PR faux pas.

It's fast becoming one of . The Oscar winner is a huge fan of Keeping Up With the monstermanfilm.com year, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Lawrence joyfully recounted the night she drunkenly had dinner with the Kardashian-Jenner momager saying, “I drank five martinis and wound up naked in her closet.

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