Canadas independence essay

The Supreme Court of Canada reflected this uncertainty when it said in Re Offshore Mineral Rights of British Columbia that Canada's "sovereignty was acquired in the period between its separate signature of the Treaty of Versailles in and the Statute of Westminster,

Canadas independence essay

From the affluent neighbourhoods of West Vancouver to the small fishing towns located on the east coast of Newfoundland, political opinions and affiliations range from the left wing to the right wing. To represent these varying political views, Canada has four official national political parties to choose from: What is particularly interesting is that none of the latter three parties compose Her Majesty's Official Opposition in the House of Commons.

The Bloc Quebecois, a Quebec separatist party who only ran candidates in the province of Quebec in the last federal election inwon 54 seats in that province, and claimed the title of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition over the Reform Party, who garnered only 52 seats.

Because the Bloc ran candidates only in Quebec, it would be difficult to think of them being a national political party, even though they hold a significant number of seats in the national legislature.

Starting on the far left, there is the New Democratic Party of Canada. Originally led by a man by the name of James Shaver Woodsworth, the CCF was formed by several radical farming groups who found out that they had more similarities with each other than just their destitution.

The 's had been a dark period for radicals and unions within Canada; poverty and significantly lower wages for workers were prevalent, and apathy regarding these issues was rampant. When the depression wove its destructive web across Canada in the s, proponents of capitalism were staggered, but their left-wing opponents were too busy coming to the aid of the victims of the depression, and could not deal with the capitalists effectively.

When the CCF was officially formed in Calgary, they adopted the principle policy of being "a co-operative commonwealth, in which the basic principle regulating production, distribution and exchange will be the supplying of human needs instead Canadas independence essay the making of profits.

The Regina Manifesto, as it is known as today, put emphasis on "economic planning, nationalisation of financial institutions, public utilities and natural resources, security of tenure for farmers, a national labour code, socialised health services and greatly increased economic powers for the central government.

Over the years, the NDP has become a large force in Canadian politics, becoming an alternative to the Conservatives and Liberals. On the provincial level, however, the NDP has experienced some success of late.

Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada. as Canada Day is the anniversary of only one important national milestone on the way to the country's full independence, namely the joining on July 1, , of the colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. Autonomy gained Canada international independence but it resulted in the decline of it’s international economy. In the course of World War One, Canada lost many soldiers during warfare but through those soldiers efforts, independence for Canada was found.

Of course, these recommendations for taxation reform reflect the typical left-wing, socialistic standpoints that the NDP has stood for ever since its inception.

Moving further towards the centre of the political scale, the current federal governing party in Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, is found.

Canadas independence essay

Liberals in an independent form started to be elected to the various legislatures around the country in the middle of the s, with a formal party being created in the late s. The purpose of forming a formal party was a response to the increasing popularity of the Conservatives in Canada; " With widespread support in Canada's rural areas several years after Confederation, "the Liberal Party opposed protectionism and supported commercial reciprocity with the United States.

It also opposed MacDonald's program of railway construction. Led by Sir Wilfred Laurier, the Liberals supported unrestricted reciprocity and suffered for it in the election of British Loyalists regarded the trade reciprocity as being anti-British. In the latter part of the s, however, Laurier adjusted the party's policy on trade reciprocity.

A chief result of this Liberal protectionism was to give British goods a preference in Canada. Laurier's minister of railways dissented on the idea and in turn was sacked by the Prime Minister.

Their current leader, Jean Chretien, was elected to succeed John Turner in Around the time Chretien was elected leader, questions within and outside the party were raised regarding the political "baggage" that Chretien carried from previous Liberal governments.

Despite the controversy, Chretien won his party's leadership quite comfortably, and returned his party to prominence once again in by forming a federal government with a large majority in the House of Commons. Looking back, this current Liberal mandate has weathered relatively little criticism until recently.

Three years into the Liberal mandate, controversy began to rise over Chretien's and Copps' promises regarding the GST. Copps eventually resigned after much criticism, and won back her seat in her Hamilton riding in a by-election several weeks later.

Chretien was subjected to large amounts of public criticism, especially during one of CBC TV's electronic "town hall" meetings. Chretien argued the fact that the Liberals never said that they were going to scrap the GST, and that people should read their policy guide, the "Red Book," to find out where exactly the Liberals stood on the issue of the GST.

Chretien argued during this debate that the Liberals wanted to replace the GST instead of scrapping it. Earlier clips taken from the parliamentary channel and radio interviews seemed to contradict his claim that the Liberals wanted to replace the GST.

Since the federal election has not been called yet, it has yet to be seen whether or not the Canadian public has lost any faith in the current Prime Minister.

The Liberals have made the economic revival of Canada one of their top policy platforms, so much so that in the online edition of the Red Book, economic policy is chapter one. The Liberals explain their approach to economic policy by saying that they will focus on the five major problems facing the current Canadian economy: The Progressive Conservatives PCs were, in their fledgling years, known as the Conservative Party and before that, the Liberal-Conservativesand was founded before the Liberal Party of Canada, making it the oldest political party in Canada.

MacDonald, who was to become Canada's first Prime Minister ever, led the Conservative Party to office and "began the process which established a nation in the northern part of this continent and set the pattern for that nation's political institutions.

ConfederationHudson Bay territories joining the dominionArctic Islands added to the dominionthe defeat of reciprocitythe enfranchisement of womenthe providing of universal suffrage under the Dominion Elections Actthe Statute of Westminsterand finally, the addition of Newfoundland to the Dominion BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

Growth of Canadian Independence Canadians can no longer receive knighthoods, or other peerage titles from Britain.
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Canada's Road to Independence. Feb 5, Province of Canada created by merging Upper and Lower Canada, some powers delegated to elected Legislative Assembly.. Feb 14, The Canadian Currency Act allows Canada to adopt her own Currency.

Jan 1, British North America Act: Dominion of Canada created-Parliament of Canada created-Position of Prime Minister of Canada . + free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. The Battle of Vimy Ridge is a battle contributing to Canada’s international reputation and as a united country, the first step to the growth of Canada’s independence.

Canadas independence essay

The Statute of Westminster, passed on December 11, , officially proves that Canada is a self-governing, independent country from Britain.

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