Blood diamond

One such man is lan Stuart Donaldson.

Blood diamond

The UN set out to find how this remaining illicit trade was being conducted and appointed Canadian ambassador Robert Fowler to investigate.

Inhe produced the Fowler Reportwhich named those countries, organizations and individuals involved in the trade.

Blood diamond | She did not speak to reporters outside.
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Instruction While they may seem a symbol of happiness, the reality of the gems is far from that.
Diamond in the Dust - The Ian Stuart Biography Donate Conflict Diamonds The illicit trade in diamonds has funded brutal wars and human rights abuses for decades.
Blood Diamond - Wikipedia Blood Diamonds It's been 15 years since the global effort to ban conflict diamonds began.

The report is credited with establishing the link between diamonds and third world conflicts, [8] and led directly to United Nations Security Council Resolutionas Blood diamond as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Ivory Coast[ edit ] Ivory Coast began to develop a fledgling diamond mining industry in the early s. A coup overthrew the government Blood diamondstarting a civil war. The country became a route for exporting diamonds from Liberia and war-torn Sierra Leone. To curtail the illegal trade, the nation stopped all diamond mining and the UN Security Council banned all exports of diamonds from Ivory Coast in December Rough diamonds are exported out of the country to neighboring states and international trading centers through the northern, Forces Nouvelles controlled section of the country, a group which is reported to be using these funds of chele to re-arm.

In AugustTaylor stepped down as president and, after being exiled to Nigeriafaced trial in The Hague. On July 21,he pleaded not guilty to crimes against humanity and war crimes[9] of which he was found guilty in April On May 30,he began a year sentence in a high security prison in the United Kingdom.

The Revolutionary United Front RUF claimed that they supported causes of justice and democracy in the beginning, but later on they started to control the villages and to prevent local people from voting for the new government Blood diamond chopping off their limbs.

Victims included children and infants. It created numerous examples of physical and psychological human harm across Sierra Leone. Moreover, they also occupied the diamond mines in order to get access to funding and continue support of their actions.

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Since diamonds are used as a funding source, they also created opportunities for tax evasion and financial support of crime. According to National Geographic Newsall of these civil wars and conflicts created by rebel groups resulted in over four million deaths in the African population and injuries to over two million civilians.

It shows that the production of conflict diamonds still exists in Sierra Leone nowadays. Sierra Leone remains in an unstable political situation; the country has already elected a new government.

The huge consequences of blood diamonds still remain a mainstream issue in Sierra Leone. One of the biggest issues is people still being abused by security forces, including rape, and the use of excessive force with detainees, including teenagers.

Also, child abuse and child labor are other serious issues which took place in Sierra Leone after civil conflicts. Thousands of men, women and children are treated as slaves to collect diamonds; they are forced to use their bare hands to dig in mud along river banks instead of digging with tools.

It also shows that Sierra Leone still makes slow progress, inin such different aspects as, for example, education, health and human rights, sincewhich is also the year that conflicts took place in Sierra Leone.

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It shows that it is a huge consequence of blood diamonds that it brought into Sierra Leone. However, it does not improve anything — the money is not reaching the public and it has not provided benefit to anyone in the communities. For instance, the Kono district in Sierra Leone has been mined for 70 years, but they still have no basic facilities, like electricity and repairing of roads.

Houses are destroyed because of the civil wars. They used brainwashing of inexperienced young children and forced them to be child soldiers as they lost their personal freedom and rights under command that included violence and intimidation. It was also accused of falsifying certificates of origin.

Blood diamond

The Republic of the Congo was readmitted in The Fowler Report in detailed in depth how UNITA was financing its war activities, and in Mayled directly to the passing of United Nations Security Council Resolution and the diamond producing countries of southern Africa meeting in KimberleySouth Africa to plan a method by which the trade in conflict diamonds could be halted, and buyers of diamonds could be assured that their diamonds have not contributed to violence.

Welcomes the proposal that a meeting of experts be convened for the purpose of devising a system of controls to facilitate the implementation of the measures contained in Resolutionincluding arrangements that would allow for increased transparency and accountability in the control of diamonds from their point of origin to the bourses, emphasizes that it is important that, in devising such controls, every effort be made to avoid inflicting collateral damage on the legitimate diamond trade, and welcomes the intention of the Republic of South Africa to host a relevant conference this year.

This new body set out to draft a new process, whereby all diamond rough could be certified as coming from a non-conflict source.

The Kimberley Process attempted to curtail the flow of conflict diamonds, help stabilize fragile countries and support their development.

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As the Kimberley Process has made life harder for criminals, it has brought large volumes of diamonds onto the legal market that would not otherwise have made it there.

This is due to the nature of the corrupt government officials in the leading diamond producing countries. However non-compliance by countries such as Venezuela has led to the failure of accountability.Jun 16,  · Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a hired gun who specializes in the sale of so-called "blood diamonds" that are used to finance rebellions and terrorist organizations, and is currently serving.

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The illicit trade in blood diamonds has funded brutal wars and human rights abuse for decades. Despite progress, the problem still exists. Read about our work. Directed by Edward Zwick (Glory, The Last Samurai) this urgent, intensely moving adventure shapes gripping human stories and heart-pounding action into a modern epic of profound impact.

It's been 15 years since the global effort to ban conflict diamonds began. But the industry is still tainted by conflict and misery.

Blood diamond
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