Advanced management accounting tutorial 1

Create a new workbook in Excel Enter the data shown above Create a basic column chart as shown below.

Advanced management accounting tutorial 1

Because the customer expects high quality products, the return process is also expected as a service process which will be handled transparently, efficient with an immediate refund process.

Advertisement We have learned that customer returns could be processed in SAP by creating separate documents return order, return delivery, return stock, credit memo, etc. However, this is not sufficient because we can lose track in regards with the follow-up documents.

Also, if we face a complex situation which involves third-party supplier, the efficiency of the process will become an issue. SAP Advanced Returns Management integrates the whole process from creation of a return order, to inspection management, followed by creation of a credit memo.

This tutorial will only address the customer return process.

Advanced management accounting tutorial 1

This tutorial assumes you have familiarity with SAP terminologies especially with Sales and Distribution module. The data entry will be integrated once you save the Return Order document. The Delivery Order will be also created automatically. The warehouse inspection will be done based on the value setting from the return order.

The logistics follow-up documents will be created automatically goods receipt, goods issue document, etc. Customer refund will be processed faster through a credit memo which you will define at the return order creation. We can monitor the whole customer return process via a single transaction code that has statuses for each process plus the tree process of each item.

He decided to return the material by himself to our premise one of the sales counter. The sales representative will be immediately advised to create a refund for this process. Advertisement Run the transaction VA01 and select the Advance Returns document type, along with its sales area.

There are several fields that should be filled which will determine next actions. Follow-Up Activity contains predefined selection list that will determine the following document after you save the advance return document.

Refund Type field will specify what type of refund the customer receive.


The system provides two types, credit memo monetary compensation or replacement material. Inspection Code is used to specify the quality of the returned material which will be determined during the inspection process.

Inspection Command Line is a free text, you can enter anything here. As you can see above, these fields will be applied to the line item material. Run the Incompletion Log for a good measure. Save the document afterwards.

It is used to monitor the return process and which documents have been created for each process. The list of created documents will be displayed. Line items for the document will be displayed. These are the return steps which are determined by the configuration we made prior in the advance return order document.Discover Deakin University.

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Advanced management accounting tutorial 1

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