A film review of the crucible

A 17th-century Salem woman accuses an ex-lover's wife of witchery in an adaptation of the Arthur Miller play.

A film review of the crucible

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Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options A lot or a little? The story takes place in Salem, MA, beginning in springand offers a telling portrayal of American colonial life at that time.

The Crucible Movie Review – Essay Sample

The play was also meant as an allegory for, and indictment of, McCarthyism: Positive Messages The Crucible gives a moral lesson on the dangers of mob rule and of religious extremism.

Violence Characters who are convicted of performing witchcraft are executed by hanging, and one character is crushed to death with stone weights. Because this is a play, executions are mentioned as taking place or potentially taking place, but are not described in graphic detail.

Sex John Proctor who is married to Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams had a sexual relationship before the action of the play begins, and though Proctor later rejects her, both characters remain tempted.

Language Characters do not curse, but there are numerous mentions of the devil and Satan.

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The Crucible is generally required reading for middle or high school students, and is often used as a point of departure to discuss the anti-communist McCarthyism of the s. Stay up to date on new reviews.

A film review of the crucible

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.Dec 20,  · The first scene in “The Crucible” strikes the first wrong note. We are in Salem, Mass., in By the light of a full moon, a minister happens upon a group of adolescent girls, naked, dancing in the forest around a boiling pot of witches' brew.2/5.

RELATED | Vintage Period Drama Review: Lady Jane Starring Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes. If you are interested in history, the Salem Witch Trials, stories about revenge, or dark period dramas, I would recommend giving The Crucible a watch.

A film review of the crucible

Although there is no happy ending, the acting is incredible, and the story is realistic. The final result is a play that haunted the minds of audiences since , and its film adaptation in introduced Miller’s ideas to a new generation that included anyone willing to endure the severe test appropriately titled The Crucible.

The Crucible is a superb film, filled with frightening insights into mob mentality. It also shows how situations can get completely out of control when rational thought is replaced by foolishness and cruel intolerance.

Jan 01,  · The absolute standout, though, is Scofield, whose performance is, yes really, worth the admission price alone, a mesmerising, dark presence throughout the film.5/5. The movie is a screen version of Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”, which is set in 17th century, when humanity perceived the world in a very different way.

People were puppets in the hands of the church and the court. The filmmakers tried to portray what happened in the .

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